Our Dog

This is our dog, Murphy. Obviously, she is super adorable. Feel free to leave us comments about how cute she is.

We first saw Murphy at an adoption event at PetSmart. She was in a tiny cage, and looked incredibly sad. Murphy had been found living in a barn and was rescued by a wonderful volunteer from the Heart of America Humane Society. When we first met Murphy, she weighed 11 pounds and had serious infections in her ears and on her skin. Murphy was also very sad that she had been given a terrible temporary name (Sissy).

After leaving PetSmart, Jenny proceeded to cry and Joe knew that it was all over — they would be getting a dog. Nearly three years later, Murphy is the love of our life. She is loud, whiny, antsy and spoiled, but she is our sweet little grey baby.

If you are interested in additional information about the Heart of America Humane Society, click here.


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